California Real Estate Law


Expert and Experienced Ventura Real Estate Attorney – over 30 Years of Providing Legal Advice for California Real Estate Issues

Michael R. Sment of the Law Offices of Michael Sment, in Ventura, CA, knows real estate law. He has handled a diverse range of CA Real Estate matters, issues and cases, in and out of Court. Negotiation, Litigation, Stipulation, Arbitration, Mediation, Trial, Appeal, Legislative are some of the ways and methods used by Mr. Sment for handling CA Real Estate disputes. By applying extensive knowledge, experience and contacts relating to real property, property rights, property usage, property regulations, business and finance, our firm can handle all your CA Real Estate matters including:

  • Residential home sales or transactions
  • Commercial property sales or transactions
  • Foreclosures (Judicial, Non-Judicial)
  • Agreements, Leases, Options
  • Landlord-Tenant disputes, Evictions
  • Easements, Boundaries, Boundary Disputes
  • Quiet Title
  • Partition, Family Issues
  • Liens, Notes, Deeds of Trust
  • Zoning, Land-Use and Permits
  • Title Disputes, Title Insurance
  • Probate, Living Trusts

Mr. Sment has recently received the following commendations –

* Recognition from the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California (for service on the 2016-2017 Bankruptcy Mediation Program Panel) (2017 – 18th Annual Appreciation Luncheon)

* Business Champion Award from the Oxnard Union High School District – Office of Career Education, Oxnard High School and The Law and Public Service Academy (2017 Ventura County Civic Alliance Recognition Ceremony)

* Certificate of Appreciation from the Superior Court of California, County of Ventura (for service as a Temporary Judge from 2007-2017) (“a significant contribution to our joint cause – the efficient administration of justice”) (2017 Volunteer Awards Luncheon)


NOTE:  Mr. Sment has no current public speaking engagements or assignments currently scheduled. He has recently spoken, prepared and/or arranged discussions on various legal topics, relating to Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Business and Collection matters, for various legal and professional groups including:

*      “How To Write A Book – The Basics Of Publishing” (Law and Public Services Academy, Oxnard High School);

*     “The Basics of Bankruptcy Mediation” (Ventura County Law Library,Lawyers at the Library Series);

*    “California Foreclosure Procedures” (Mrs. Fig’s Bookworm Bookstore);

*    “Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Issues” (Ventura County Bar Association, Emeritus Attorneys);

*    “Foreclosure Mediation” (Ventura County Bar Association, ADR Section).

Mr. Sment continues to author articles for the Ventura County Bar Association’s magazine, CITATIONS, and other legal publications and organizations.

He is presently working on sequels to his last publication, the book “Bankruptcy And Foreclosure Mediation: The Future of California Real Estate Disputes”  (published February 2014 by Aspatore Books and ThomsonReuters, owners of WESTLAW and WEST). The “Bankruptcy And Foreclosure Mediation” book (ISBN 978-0-314-29185-1) is available online at,, and from other major publishers.

The sequels to “Bankruptcy And Foreclosure Mediation”, the planned next volumes in a projected series of specialized treatises, will focus on bankruptcy, real estate, foreclosure and mediation issues in different forums and court system(s).

These are some great opportunities to learn more from one of the experts in these complicated, and comprehensive, fields of law, and to see how future California real estate matters will or should be handled.

Real estate transaction attorneys
From offer to sale, Michael R. Sment and the Law Offices of Michael Sment can help your or your client(s) when it comes to transactions, agreements, arrangements or deals, relating to CA residential or commercial Real Estate. Our Offices can help you:

  • Create a Real Estate plan
  • Negotiate your Real Estate deal, contract or agreement
  • Prepare Deeds or Instruments or Recordings
  • Review your Real Estate, listing or lending documents
  • Obtain and review title reports, Provide Advice regarding Liens & removal
  • Deal with Agents, Brokers, Escrow Companies, Title Companies, Lenders
  • Handle or resolve land use, zoning, regulation or permit issues
  • Obtain Court or Regulatory Agency orders, decisions, determinations or approval(s)

Real Estate Litigation Attorneys
California Real Estate Ligitation is a complicated, complex and technical area of the Law. California Real Estate Cases involve $1000s, $100,000s, $Millions or even now $Billions of value, worth and property. The California Real Estate market, and California real property sales, are, finally, growing and increasing and expanding again. Home and Property prices and values are the highest in years. Do not wait to obtain, utilize or recover that equity or those values or sales.
An experienced and knowledgable CA Real Estate Attorney in invaluable and absolutely necessary. With over 33 years of California Real Estate Litigation experience, our Law Offices have the expertise and knowledge that you must have. We have seen and done most everything possible under the CA Real Estate Litigation.
California State Courts – All Levels (Small Claims, Trial, Appellate, Supreme), Most Counties
California Federal Courts – All Levels (Bankruptcy, District Court, Court of Appeal, U.S. Supreme)
Plus, California Administrative/Government Agencies – All Types (City, County, State, Federal, Quasi)

Real Estate Negotiators
When it is in your best interest to solve a real estate dispute outside the courtroom, we effectively guide negotiations to achieve your goals. By retaining an experienced California Real Estate Attorney to negotiate your contracts, you can avoid costly, time-consuming mistakes and problems in the future.

Our Law Offices have over 33 experience dealing with CA Real Estate transactions and matters, of all types, sizes, values and complications.
Our Law Offices can prepare, help you prepare or obtain the Real Estate documentation, documents, agreements, contracts, notices, deeds, trust deeds, liens or other instruments or forms that you need to have a successful, and economically prosperous California Real Estate transaction, deal or arrangement.

Be smart and use sound business judgment – retain a competent, experienced California Real Estate Attorney to help you with your California Real Estate Matters.
Our Law Offices have the qualifications, knowledge and expertise you need.

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