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NOTE:  Mr. Sment has no current public speaking engagements or assignments currently scheduled. He has recently spoken, prepared and/or arranged discussions on various legal topics, relating to Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Business and Collection matters, for various legal and professional groups including:

*      “How To Write A Book – The Basics Of Publishing” (Law and Public Services Academy, Oxnard High School);

*     “The Basics of Bankruptcy Mediation” (Ventura County Law Library,Lawyers at the Library Series);

*    “California Foreclosure Procedures” (Mrs. Fig’s Bookworm Bookstore);

*    “Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Issues” (Ventura County Bar Association, Emeritus Attorneys);

*    “Foreclosure Mediation” (Ventura County Bar Association, ADR Section).

Mr. Sment continues to author articles for the Ventura County Bar Association’s magazine, CITATIONS, and other legal publications and organizations.

He is presently working on sequels to his last publication, the book “Bankruptcy And Foreclosure Mediation: The Future of California Real Estate Disputes”  (published February 2014 by Aspatore Books and ThomsonReuters, owners of WESTLAW and WEST). The “Bankruptcy And Foreclosure Mediation” book (ISBN 978-0-314-29185-1) is available online at,, and from other major publishers.

The sequels to “Bankruptcy And Foreclosure Mediation”, the planned next volumes in a projected series of specialized treatises, will focus on bankruptcy, real estate, foreclosure and mediation issues in different forums and court system(s).

All and each of these represent valuable opportunities to learn more from a recognized expert, educator and attorney in these complicated and significant fields of law, and to see how future California real estate, bankruptcy, foreclosure and collection matters will or should be handled.


“New Revised And Mandatory Official Bankruptcy Forms”
CITATIONS Magazine, VCBA (Published January 2016)

“Procedures And Issues Relating To CA Residential Evictions – Of Family Members And Friends”
CITATIONS Magazine, VCBA (in progress)

Sequels to Bankruptcy And Foreclosure Mediation
Aspatore/ThomsonReuters (West) (in progress)

“U.S. Bankruptcy Court Changes For 2015”
CITATIONS Magazine, VCBA (Published February 2015)

“Local Bankruptcy Changes – New Judges, Zip Codes and Fees”
CITATIONS Magazine, VCBA (Published June 2014)

Bankruptcy And Foreclosure Mediation:
The Future of California Real Estate Disputes

(Text and Rules)
ISBN 978-0-314-29185-1
Aspatore/ThomsonReuters (West) (Published February 2014)

“Emminent Domain, California Cities And ‘UnderWater’ Loans”
CITATIONS Magazine, VCBA (Published January 2014)

“Understanding Chapter 9 Bankruptcy”
(aka “Ch. 9 Bankruptcy: The Future Economic Model for California Cities?”)
CITATIONS Magazine, VCBA (Published February 2013)

“CA Homeowners Bill of Rights (More Foreclosure Reform) –
Too Little, Too Late?”
CITATIONS Magazine, VCBA (Published November 2012)

Representing Consumers in California Real Estate Transactions: Leading Lawyers On Understanding Key Regulations and Advising Clients Entering The Housing Market
(“California Real Estate: Many Rules, Many New Laws, And The Top Ten Issues For Consumers”)
(Inside The Minds Series)
ISBN 978-0-314-28630-7
West/Thomson Reuters/Aspatore (Oct. 2012)

“Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure: Another Option During The Foreclosure Crisis” CITATIONS Magazine, VCBA (Published August 2012)

“Top Ten CA Foreclosure Problems To Look For”
CITATIONS Magazine, VCBA (Published November 2011)

“California Foreclosure Problems Still On The Rise”
CITATIONS Magazine, VCBA (Published December 2010)

“U.S. Bankruptcy Code Dollar Amount Adjustments – 2010”
CITATIONS Magazine, Ventura County Bar Association (“VCBA”)
(Published August 2010)

(more and prior Articles & Publications available upon request)


In re Gasprom, Inc. (Gasprom v. Fateh) (9th Cir. BAP 2013)
500 B.R. 598

BFP v. Resolution Trust Corporation (1994)
511 U.S. 531, 114 S.Ct. 1757

In re BIBO, Inc. (9th Cir. 1996)
76 F.3d 256 (trial court)

In re BFP (9th Cir. 1992)
974 F. 2d 1144

In re Duncombe (Bk.C.D.Cal 1992)
143 B.R. 243 (briefs)

In re Taylor (9th Cir. 1989)
884 F.2d 478

Walker v. California Mortgage Service (9th Cir. 1988)
861 F.2d 597

In re Abdul-Hassan (Bk. C.D. Cal. 1989)
104 B.R. 263

Leach v. Drummond Medical Group (1983)
144 Cal.App.3d 362 (trial court)

Renteria v. County of Orange (1978)
82 Cal.App.3d 833 (author/clerk)

(more published cases available upon request)

Cases/Chapter 11 Reorganization Cases

2009-2011, In re LandSource Communities Development (Newhall Land Co)
2005-2006, In re DELPHI Automotive Inc.
2004, In re Global Crossing Telecommunications
1996, In re BIBO Inc.
1992, In re UNITEC Security Systems, Inc.
1992, In re Marsh Broadcasting Corporation
1991, In re 2222 Beachwood Ltd.

(additional Chapter 11 cases available upon request)